Tag: tomorrow

  • Poem – Tomorrow’s Lesson

    As my years here have grown, and the world around shrinks, the uncertainty of time increases, and if I only learn one thing in this life, it is this: Cherish today, the people, animals, trees, right here in your grasp, as tomorrow they may slip away.  Tomorrow may arrive, or it may not.

  • Poem – Birth

    In the beginning we come into this space as innocent beings fumbling around the empty fields stretching forever. We stare in wonder and with amazement as to the endless possibilities and the control we have of our life. Then something changes and the field begins to fill with objects and obstacles and where there was…

  • Poem – Return

    In the end, when this life becomes the next, we become the raw materials returned to earth only to rise and become the flowers of tomorrow.

  • Poem – At Every Turn

    At every turn. Life. The decisions we have made the decisions made without us. The people we have forgotten. Yet, here we are beneath another sun on another day with another chance. To move beyond our mistakes with the knowledge and experience we have gained. None of the challenges are greater than what we see…

  • Poem – Tomorrow

    There is always tomorrow to put off tasks and obligations. There is always tomorrow to pay the bills and do laundry. There is always tomorrow to worry and fret. There may not be tomorrow to say I love you and now is the time.

  • Poem – Black Water

    Across streets lined with promises and desires through baseball diamonds and strawberry fields the black water reflects the new moon and the promise of tomorrow’s stars.