Tag: tunnel

  • Poem – Direct Dreams

    In the fractured sleep of night’s immersed in dreams based in nothing familiar or known, one word repeated over and over – direct. I watched power-less as background images of tall buildings, lattice, and cross-stitched patterns rotated and approached my view with ever increasing velocity. At the end (or beginning) of a tunnel bathed in…

  • Poem – Where the Color Comes From

    The lonely path tunneled through the daily routine and expectations. The tunnel became your gateway and hiding place, a retreat when life became too real, a distraction. Did you ever see the colors of the sunset? Or even then was the winter sun awash of colors, a gray scale landscape pushing you inward?

  • Poem – Ode to the Moon

    Dear sweet moon – staring at me when I stumble out the door at 4am. Your gaze and presence the cyclops of the morning sky providing a lighted path through the dark tunnels.

  • Poem – Black Tunnel

    Photo from http://www.panoramio.com/photo/38968052 The black tunnel begins and ends with light. In between is unknown, and unwritten… Local rumors and heresy from people who may or may not have passed through speak of witchcraft, ghosts, spirits, deities, demons, and nothing but an empty black tunnel burrowed through Cathedral Mountain. Since the time I can remember, the…