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Poem – Clearing

From the collection “Beyond the Border Kingdom“, the 13th and final poem. (1) threads hang openly defining a life – what happens when they are pulled or cut? does the puppet fall? who will mend the broken legs? one by one the headlights pass through silence and growing fog hidden unknown faces travel into hidden […]
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Poem – Ravaged

From the collection “Beyond the Border Kingdom“. an empty road cuts various swaths through empty, arid fields until it ends. an object prostrated exactly where the road ends, the fields border, is naked, the sun glistening. this impasse familiar, repeated. beyond the body unknown landscape or wasteland. disconnected, detached we watch events unfold. again. unaware […]
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Poem – Searching in the Wasteland – Part 1

I see you across the distance a face not known yet I feel a connection and I would follow you but the space elongates. I woke walking through an unfamiliar valley of overturned sand, the walls not earth but fragments and rusted steel reminders of a history of time forgotten now unearthed and the memories […]
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