Book Review – “Waiting”

The following is my book review of “Waiting” by Marya Hornbacher, posted on 06/09/11.

Written by someone who does not believe in God and has been through AA and the 12-steps, this book provides a working and grounded guide to spirituality. Reading this with an open mind, and not terribly concerned about the 12-steps themselves, I found Marya’s viewpoint interesting, mostly different than mine, but informative. I pulled a few helpful pieces of information related to a daily practice and how to approach each day and other people. Her approach in breaking down the steps to follow one calendar year is refreshing and provides a nice landscape as each chapter begins with more personal prose on her own journey around the country at various times.

Highly recommended for believers and nonbelievers, regardless if you are in or have been in AA.

Update 06/09/11:

After going through the notes I wrote during the first reading of this book, I realized that something was missing for me. Even though I try (key word) to live a spiritual life, something is off in the daily routine. And then I figured it out. I was not starting off each day in the right mindset. I awake, and immediately think about the stress, what is not done, what is broken, what is wrong. The day has no chance to bring any good to myself or others with these thoughts clogging my mind. From reading this book, I know intellectually and spiritually, what I need to do each morning, and my work I must complete, to carry this through the day, and prepare for the next one.







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