Response to Northography – Woman and Skeleton

Response to Northography #254 – Woman and Skeleton

I have pondered in silence
from near and far, a photo
of a woman pulled into herself
seated on an antique couch.

She is not alone. A silhouette,
or projection, perhaps, upright
facing toward some distant
painting of the renaissance era.

Nothing comes to me, so
I ask questions to no one
in particular.
   How long have they been there?
   Why do we assume the gender from the photo?
   It is because of the apparent height?
   Or, the feminine and soft qualities displayed?
   Is that sunlight, or florescent?
   Are the bones protected from time by dust?
   Did they know each other intimately?
   Do they live together?
   What took place immediately after the photo was taken?
   Did one amble off to bed, and the other continue
   the long and distant thoughts of the room?

With no answers
I decide I have nothing to say or write
and let silence have its way.

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