10/27/11 – A Fragmented Evening

We spent the evening at the Historic Mounds Theatre ( http://www.moundstheatre.org/ ) as part of “Pieces” by Incision.  Broken into chapters, words and narration by Hanakia Zedek ( http://www.hanakiazedek.org/ ) music and video provided a dramatic soundscape and landscape for what hides and feeds within.

From the copy for the event:



It’s About the Fragmentation of the Human Psyche from a Monster From Within Perspective

PIECES is a collaboration between Hanakia Zedek, Sal aka TheDarkCloak, and Steve Larson. PIECES is an intricate and fierce soundscape and soundtrack written around the dramatic writings and readings of Hanakia Zedek (In the intro “The Wake” is written by TheDarkCloak and “The Call” is written by Mia Jessica).

The Theatre becomes the fragile fragmentation of the disastrous human mind and the participants become part of the experience.

The Historic Mounds Theatre is the perfect setting and Halloween the perfect time of year for the salute to “The Monster Within” genre and beyond.

So come, sit back, and brace for impact! You’ll be taken for a ride through the human mind…so hang tight… embrace the monster within – s’gonna be a bumpy ride!

The Menu/The Album “PIECES” Presented by INCISION

The Intro: The Wake, True Me, The Call


Now Awaken My Children
The Abyss
Who is The Monster
Death to The Gods
Silver Death

Hanakia Zedek: Dramatic Narration, Percussion, Synth
Sal aka TheDarkCloak: Synth, Bass, Guitar, Vocal Characterizations
Steve Larson: Synth, Guitar, Bass, Vocal Characterizations
Special Appearance By Jeffrey Furchner

Thursday, October 27 · 7:30pm – 10:30pm

The Historic Mounds Theatre
1029 Hudson Road
Saint Paul, MN 55106

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