Marya Hornbacher Interview

The recently conducted interview with Marya Hornbacher is now online at The Edge.

Marya Hornbacher, a Pulitzer Prize and Pushcart Prize nominee, has written several books dealing with various mental illnesses, including eating and bipolar disorders. Her books have been translated into multiple languages and are taught as part of coursework at universities and literature programs in the United States and Europe.

Marya’s previous book, Sane: Mental Illness, Addiction, and the Twelve Steps, was written as a guide for those dealing with addictions and mental illness. Her most recent is Waiting: A Nonbeliever’s Higher Power (Hazelden). Written by someone who does not believe in God and has been through AA and the 12-steps, it provides a working and grounded guide to spirituality, while exploring the principles within the Big Book.







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