What Else

I stand before the great mirror of antiquity

trying desperately, almost in vain,

to understand what I see and where this

came from, what process created that

face and expression, the eyes peering back at me

and the questions, so full of questions.

I stand before Blackstone glacier and the

refelction has changed, so too the questions

as I have but a glimpse of something

beyond here beyond this time, a step

back in one sense to nature’s power

and creation of wondrous landscapes

and soundscapes.

A glimpse forward while the glacier calves

and the out of sight processes

that churn at all times forever

moving and pushing and adapting

as needed, send fragments floating

past while I sit within the kayak.

In mère minutes I have come

full circle and experienced the past,

future, and present, to live within

the now, with an eye/I to what is

beyond this place to where

this started and where we came from.






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