Beyond What I see

Soaring clouds of orange and purple
streaking across the limited view I have from here.

Yet I feel their motion.

I feel their strength.

And in that strength I see them
moving beyond their origin
yet retaining their roots
their source.

In the beginning of each story
faith is instilled and the truth is prolonged
until you are in so deep you have
no choice but to believe and continue.

I see this.

I feel the awareness reaching out into
the environment and coming back.

Still there are things beyond my place
spilling from my open fist
and speeding across the sky
that I feel a connection to
even though I have not seen their origin

The sky burns
and in the aftermath
we sift through the ashes
looking for a memory
a hint, an answer.
We sift through ourselves.

To emerge on the other side of
boundaries seen and not seen
brings me one step closer to
the energy spewing forth these clouds.


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