Current Projects

Time is passing quickly as of late. I woke up this morning and felt things were askew, that I have relented a bit of control – time to regain the reins.

I have been working on two writing projects – Joline and a collection of new poems related to Zen. For Joline, I am heading back into the research phase by watching movies. One of my favorite actors is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Before he was in Inception, he starred in a few movies about mental illness, outsiders, struggling, and the gritty details of life. For Joline, I have chosen to watch “Manic”, “Brick”, and “Mysterious Skin”.

I have seen Manic before, but not the other two. Manic was intense and each emotion and the turmoil going on inside the characters mind, was excellently portrayed in his voice and facial expressions. Intense, gritty, and to the point.

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