Overlooking Silver Lake, I slowly let go of the day, and the past week.  So much weight and so many worries.  The stress is taking over the color of my hair (more character some say).  I wonder silently and within, is it all worth the results at the end of day?  What is the end game, and what will I look like?  How will I feel?

Many species of birds fly far and near, some taking lunch from the bird feeders, rocking back and forth from the northwestern wind.  The lake is a bit choppy and beautiful from where I write these words.  Even with the cloudy, dark grey sky, with a threat of thunder and rain, this is nature.  This is it.

So I ask myself again, is what it takes to get here, worth the effort?

A red-headed woodpecker chases the blackbird away and overtakes the feeder, and for the first time today, I smile, and have forgotten the weight I carry.

I am continually reminded as I continually forget, that nature is everywhere, nature consumes, and nature is just outside the door, waiting for your spirit and open mind to walk into it.  As I write and listen and observe, two robins fly a couple of feet above my head, as if to say “shut-up, stop thinking, and live, here.”

As I say goodbye to the previous week, I thank nature and these birds, for the chance to decompress.

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