Over Lunch

From a distance, over breakfast or lunch, I sit and watch. I listen. Taken in by the environment, I am anonymous, no one special. I do not stand out. Here is what I see:

People hiding behind cell phones, showing affection to the beautiful glow of the screen and downloading apps; intense conversations working toward a goal, that either of the participants may not know; outward signs of impatience while waiting for a companion of some kind; older couples enjoying the time together over coffee and apple pie with genuine smiles and the subtle nuisances in their character; others are metered by the clock and move quickly to a conclusion with an agreement.

What I ultimately see is isolation. Singularity. Individual pods of energy carefully constructed and exposed to the environment. A honed awareness of only the immediate space. I see lost people. At this point I look around, peering at faces and actions – is someone watching me? Have I been vetted out? Am I a sheep?

If there is a shift, a spiritual revolution, on the way, these faces hide the internal energy, the mass of charged particles jostling and preparing to explode. I see this coming change each day. It lives and manifests itself across headlines, in images, in the Facebook news-feed – a constant barrage of the chaotic energy coming to a head and resulting in tragedy, confusion, isolation, singularity, and loss.

The current shift takes up residence and consumes lives across the globe – it is a wake-up call that things are messed-up. The foundation is weakening. The pillars are cracking. Like wood termites silently gnawing their way through your house, we do not become aware there is an issue until it is too late. People are tired of the current state of this world, but filled with questions of how and when things will change.

This shift can be followed by the spiritual shift.

With sledge hammer in hand, knock the pillars over. If it is going to fall regardless, take control, take back control, and decide this is the path you are going to take. Turn it inside out and spit out the reality we want.

Is the bottom not yet upon us? Will the situation worsen to a point where even the most strong-willed and resilient person will break and give in?

One shift is here. Another is coming. How do we manage this increasing chaos? We need each other, and I do not mean this in a “hold hands and sing” kind of way.

We must realize we have a sphere of influence that affects others. Plain and simple. No matter how much you curl yourself within yourself, being in a place will affect others that are also there. This can happen indirectly, for example, if someone is waiting for a phone call, and you do not call them, your inaction, and their reaction is a result of the sphere of influence.

Realizing our influence in the world comes from having an awareness of your self, the environment, others in the space, and energy streaming from beyond that is always present. Listen with mind and eyes, do not think, and do not force a situation.






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