As I shrug off the last remnants of the latest migraine, I wonder about why some people are motivated or pushed into the arts.  Some are labeled artists by society, some are by their occupation, and others are artists by their passion and drive.

As I look back on my life, from a semi-clouded state, I remember vignettes and most of these consist of episodes of pain or depression.  In my younger days, I searched and searched for an outlet, some way to cope, and to understand myself better and the world I was growing up within.  The world I was struggling to strike a balance with, as we shunned each other.

It seems that a lot of artists, regardless of the genre or media, were pushed, pulled, or found solace within the arts.  We need the arts as much as it needs us and the creativity driven by passion, driven by true emotions, driven by need.  It is utterly amazing what the mind will create when it is in a state of need.

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