It seems I have been lost in the ether again.  The weather here has been chaotic, oscillating within days between mid-summer and early fall.  My thoughts seem to follow this pattern and are in synch with the weather, as my writing has gone from productive to nothing and everything in between.

Recent events, including a minor car accident, and a cursory glance at the headlines this morning, have further cemented the mantra “take nothing for granted”.  It does not matter if you believe in re-incarantion, re-distribution of energy, karma, various laws of physics, quantum mechanics, or the beautiful and sublime blending of science and spirituality, now is what we have, and are the cards we get to play with.  Make the best hand possible.

This includes having peanut M&Ms for breakfast, even the unnatual glow-in-dark yellow ones.

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  1. This is the first thing I’ve read from you and is wonderfully affirming. For where I am right now at this point in time in my life this resonates in a wonderful way. Thanks for sharing.

    • I am well, thank you. How are you doing these days? Do you have any photos you would like to submit to Stone Path Review for the Summer or Fall issue?

      • Thanks William – glad you are ok. I’m hanging in here… photos ~ would be great to submit. Is there a particular theme I should focus on … shadow posts of interest? Or lighter/brighter nature maybe?

        • The general theme is about paths, what we create, what we follow, how we get through life. I think what you write/photograph and your experience, is a perfect fit. I personally love the shadows.

          • Thanks so much William… so would it be appropriate to submit my photos with my writing paired? Or just images? Also wonder if a post like today’s (Hindsight) fits with the them – finding one’s path – know it can be seen as darker – but the ending leaves interpretation up to the reader–living ones’ ‘unused’ best life that remains…etc. Very grateful of your encouragement!!!

          • Yes, of course – writing, photos, photos with writing – whatever you would like to submit, I will review. The path always goes through darkness at some point, and that is what is real – the gritty details, the pain, and how we survived to get here.

          • ok – will check deadline right away —
            Thanks so much William – i agree — we must navigate the darkness is we live consciously…. Appreciate your support and wisdom! ~RL

          • We are aiming for an issue every 3 months, so whatever submit we can put in the fall issue which going to be huge!
            Likewise my friend.

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