Chapter 9 and 10 of The Proven Life

The last two chapters (Chapter 9, Chapter 10) of The Proven Life have been posted.  This completes the entire book, consisting of Part 1 (14 chapters) and Part 2 (10 Chapters).  The Proven Life was started on May 7th 1993 and is still a work in progress that I hope to have completed in a couple of years, or maybe never.  In some ways it is fiction with some auto-biographical underpinnings and I as learn, experience, and grow, so to will the characters in the book.  Joline, who first surfaced in The Proven Life, lives in on a new book titled “The Story of Joline” that I am working on each day.  It is being written as poem and prose, with a conversational tone in places where it makes since, especially with deeper character development.

I appreciate every one who has read and commented on these chapters.  I am indebted to you.

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