The Glassmaker is…

calling to me.  I guess I should back up from here.  What is actually calling me, is me.  My internal sense of where I am in life, how I live each day, is awake .  It is uneasy with the current state of the within and without.  It is pushing back to the surface all of the words I have spoken, all of my questions, everything I promised to myself, so that I may have the opportunity to review, reexamine, and make the next change.  To take the next step, as I must remain faithful to myself, community, my sphere of influence, and the universe.

I have been at that edge, the sheer tip of the blade, where each decision, each moment is tenuous and crucial to happens next.

I have failed, and fallen off that tip.

I have shattered and through honesty and integrity, the glassmaker put me back together from the pieces and fragments I chose to keep.

I am ready to shatter again, so that I may rebuild, keeping what is healthy and useful, and discarding what is holding me back.

How will I find the glassmaker again? What plane of existence do they live within?  The answer is easy, but the realization, the work, the pain, is the difficult part of the journey.  The glassmaker is within.


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