Quantum Awareness – Part 1

If we use logic to define the Nothing, then a response must include logic.

If I asked God – “Where did you come from, how did you get here?”. I would expect them to respond – “From nothing”. This I understand and this makes sense to me when I think about what is it that we float within, what comprises the space. Take away everything that does not “matter”: everything created by “man”, the dull matter, the negativity, the objects whose gravity pulls and affects other objects, what is left? Nothing.

Now, does the Nothing lie within anything? How did Nothing arrive, where did it come from, or is it the result of removing everything?

The God I imagine, has no gender, has no voice, and does not breath. They speak through light as energy and through the thoughts we entertain and are aware of, from the universe we are aware of.

If there is only nothing, has always been nothing, how did biological processes and planetary processes start? Where did the energy and fuel originate from? What first ignited the nuclear fusion process within a suns core, to begin heat and energy production that radiates outward, into solar flares, and across the universe?

How to explain an expanding universe, a scientific and logical process, with a beginning, but unknown ending? Could this eventually wrap into itself, the beginning, and start again, so the end then becomes the beginning? Is there a limit to the expansion, such as a thinning liquid or a rubber band, where the gravitational pull from the “central” location eventually retreats and pulls the matter back?

If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? Is it within nothing? Is the nothing a container for something? In this case it contains everything, the universe, all matter, all light, all dark, and all energy. Is nothing simply the space fabric, stretched infinitely, and the universe, as defined from the big bang, is expanding within that?

If time is infinite, and is only used as a point of reference to another object or event, the soul and energy are trapped within a finite being, a finite vessel with a start and an end – human beings. How did this infinite energy become trapped? There are so many things within the nothing, where did they originate from? There are many finite systems, processes, biologics that may or may not contain awareness, that exist within the infinite or the nothing. Where did they originate from and what is their purpose?

What thing beyond this, more powerful is able to collectively pull energy together, within a vessel? How to capture energy from nothing? What put the first subatomic thing within the nothing to create something?

Do they exist to comfort those without an awareness, that need something tangible, something warm, with life, anchored to the earth, to cope?

This can explain the light and energy that exists, and has always existed, and further extended to energy does not disappear, it is constant moving, inhabited, affecting other bodies, and always exists.

If it is assumed that Nothing has always existed, what started the biological processes?

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  1. Nothing is still nothing but ego must put a name to all that is nothing.
    Did I let my ego say this?
    ever expanding
    never wrapping unto itself
    likened to a slingshot
    and then let go
    to exist somewhere else
    nowhere else

      • If my aim is true I head in the direction I intend.
        My velocity is the effort I put into that aim and the depth is a product of that effort.
        If my aim misses then I must accept I have ended up in a direction differing my vision but if I accept I will always better my depth.
        Should time run out and I no longer can take aim and cast out, then it will be time to turn in and savor all that has past before.

        • You should post this to your blog, with an appropriate photo, or I could make a fractal design that fist the mood and where you are coming from.

  2. Well, this puts an interesting twist on Job 38:4, where God tells Job: “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand.” (We, too, come out of nothing.)

    The ancient Greek philosophical concept of Logos, with its sense of spanning seeming opposites, is invoked at the opening of the Gospel of John. Here I sense it spanning nothing/something in what remains an endless and marvelous mystery.


    • Jnana – thank you kindly for visiting an your interpretation. I have not studied the bible in many years, but look forward to reading the passages that you referenced. Really, I think if people took a breath, and just listened, they would realize that all religious and spiritual beliefs, at their core, are guidelines for community, helping/understanding your fellow human being, respect of nature, and a strong moral code.

      Thank you visiting, and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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