Alaska – Photos of Moose

The following are all of the moose photos that I took in Alaska, near Fairbanks.


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  1. Last live moose I saw came running out past the drive-thru window at a Dunkin’ Donuts at midnight here in New Hampshire. It’s always good to see them where they’re supposed to be rather than out on the roadway.

  2. I love these pictures! They bring back my own memories of many years ago, when I was in high school, and my family lived in Alaska. We often saw moose when we hiked or fished but one time in particular stands out in my mind–we were riding the ski lift at Mt. Alyeska in summer and passed over a moose with her calf grazing in the brush below us. Awesome! They are so huge, pictures don’t often reveal how massive they really are.

    • Thank you Jeannie for the story. That is a beautiful part of Alaska, near Girdwood. We were at least across the water or a couple hundred feet away from them. They are beautiful and majestic in their presence.

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