Jackson Pollock Poem – Fragment, Chaos

I stand above the floor
scrambled mess of lines, blobs
and various colors –
and I feel peace
and this makes sense
nothing is linear or flows in one direction
the chaos of multiple thoughts and emotions
from infinite sources eventually swirls
inward and collides, the resulting entanglement, the explosion
a representation of the mind’s inner workings
and an awareness of something
and that something is undefined and the lacking
of a definition drives and pushes, gives a purpose
to find the source of the energy and where it came
from and where it is going and a desire to
understand the reasons and why me, dear god
why am I tortured with these thoughts,
and my hands move on their own
and do not stop and my voice yells
when I am quiet and my vision
goes black when I am awake
and the canvas becomes complete when I am empty.

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