Don’t forget your boots

The long walk through the valley

overshadowed by the mountains.

Don’t forget your boots.

Sand upon sand the layered earth

covers fragments, shells, and mines.

Don’t forget your boots.

I do not pretend to understand or relate

I have not been there – I am here gazing

at the stars washed in the moonlight

filled with respect and courage for these words.

Don’t forget your boots.

We wait for word, we wait for your voice

a message, or just a “hi”

We trust in you, your honor, your strength

we take comfort in this is what you want.

Don’t forget your boots.

Don’t forget your boots.

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    Our son is currently deployed. He is in our thoughts constantly, as well as the rest of our troops and the families they have at home. We wish them all safe endeavors as they go about protecting us and those other nations and cultures in need from unseen harm.

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