Retreat Building, 09/08/12

Work on the retreat has been going well the past few weeks.  Though our time has been tight and hectic, when it comes to nature and the vision we are working towards, it is worth it.  Today, Patti completed painting of the interior in a greenish/brownish color, depending on how much sunlight streams through the trees.  I spent most of my time with the hard chore of burning brush piles and dried wood.  Such a tough job!  Since most of the retreat is pine trees, there is a couple inch carpet of dried pine needles and many dried branches and twigs.  This made for an intense mid-day bonfire.

In between the chores we took time for lunch and sat within the silence of nature and whispering pine trees.  The ravens that visit each weekend could be heard circling nearby, no doubt searching for their lunch.






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