Lost Time?

Another work week comes to a close, and I realize the things I have missed lately, forgotten, and things waiting quietly on the night stand.  The common phrase in these instances, besides just plain being busy, is that time flies.  Of course, logically time flows at the same speed, at in the directions, no matter who we are and where we are physcially on the surface of earth (ignoring for the moment quantum mechanics, and by extension, quantum awareness).

And, my apparent retreat into the man-cave is no reflection on those around me.  I figured out what it is and what I need to learn: when busy, lost in some task, wether meaningful or menial, I lose awareness of everything else that is going on around me.  In this state of mind, I become isolated from the space around me and lose a connection to the universe.  Lost in this free-fall, time does become distorted and follows a different set of rules, that we cannot see with our physical eyes, but can with the mind’s eye, if we are aware.

So, today I have taken a step back, and am attempting to reconnect with those dangling threads.  Of course, I still may need a time out when the puppy wants to play.


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