measured paces of swift moving feet
across ocean sands.

years pacing back and forth
what am I waiting for?
what passed through here first?

in the time of no time
what do we measure
ourselves and forward progress against?
what passes between moments?

do music beats sound different?

the sea crashes against shipwrecked
fishing vessel, wooden planks rotting
where the captain took helm
still facing east.

what is god?

is god defined for each being
that internal voice surfacing
from years of practice, the guiding
principals unearthed?

if god created everything, is god everything?

if we are created in gods image, then
everything is within. the furthest reaches,
the dark orders of matter, lie within.

the fishing vessel reluctantly divulges
secrets as time passes it longs
for the time of no time
to bend, stop, reverse course
back to the 1800s.

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