Poem – Recurring Dream

This poem was started after a friend of mine lost his life in the Boundary Waters of northern, MN a few years ago. Since then, it has taken a more internal tone as we look to ourselves and examine what is within.

A spirit enters the café
The mind of nature, of being
Walked through the door
Peace overcomes wayward thought

That which we dreamed of comes
True in the moment of truth
Of whom we think we are and our natural
Stripped-selves, naked in the night

A window

What is truth? In whose eyes
Is the truth defined?

The door closes
Sprawled upon concrete, shattered, torn
Million little pieces strewn forth
The fractures indistinguishable from another
A puzzle with no directions
Black upon black with crimson streaks
A laugh emerges from the depths


When disconnected
Forced into our own space
What thoughts pass?
What electrical impulses fire and where does this take us?

Forced to look within when asked the
Hard questions, the basic motivation behind everything

Even in the dark hours each crevasse has a bottom
Questioning how long it will take to reach

When fractured, what is left behind?

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