Poem – True Living and Being

Part of me has died inside
I feel the heavy loss on my
sinking shoulders
unwilling to hold the burden.

I search with a half effort
beneath the reamins of each day
and wonder if I willingly
allowed this to happen or if
other powers are at play, a
game I am unfamiliar with.

Far removed from the beginning
steeped in waist deep truths
told from closed mouths I cover
my ears to block out the voices, only
to be penetrated through my skull
and my own thoughts disappear.

Lasting only a few seconds in this
reality, I spent years in that state of
mind listening to others before I decided enough
was enough and I climbed back to the
mountain peak and surveyed the valley
I emerged from.

Above the tree line and clouds
thin air reaches into tired lungs and
pulls back the stale industrial air,
replaced with air born of heaven.

Sweeping light across the horizon
crystals dance hand in hand
with snowflakes.

Where voices once demanded attention
and results, these now carry the mind in
loving fingers from peak to peak.

Forgotten time, hours, days and weeks
become years of learning and immersion.
As one peak became a memory another emerged
with new challenges.

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