Reasons, Forgotten

Why do we hang on to things?  Why do we hold some reservation or ill-well toward others, even with the passage of time?  As an example, and something that triggered this: the other morning while walking the dog around the block, I saw one of our neighbors.  I thought to myself, without hesitation, that I do not like this person.  I stopped.  For a moment.  I asked myself: Why?  A moment later, I still could not think of any reason. I can only conclude that something happened earlier, months or years, that was probably one-sided, and I have clung to this energy, I have left this negativity within me, and it has persisted.  For no reason. Now that I am aware, in some ways, of its origin, or lack of any real grounding, I can let it go, and be free of this small, but damaging, bit of negative energy.

Why do we cling to negativity over the years?  Why can we not let things go, and move forward not only for ourselves, but for the others within our sphere of influence?

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