Poem – Who or What

Who or what is God?
Thinking back…

I found myself wallowing in
the void, self-created and endless.
Days had no definition,
no number – fueled by the routine
I let go of hope, giving myself in.

I let the fog consume the landscape
until the last light I saw
disappeared and I no longer
had direction.

Feelings and connection to the
world around me became numb and
the people I so dearly loved

I walked in that fog for years
with a disconnected consciousness
I let the sub-conscious set the
path I was taking, the instincts
kept me upon some tangible path
until it was time, until something
inside of me reached up, into my skull
and removed the veil from my mind.

Things became more clear. but I was
uneasy with why, how, and what changed
in me. What triggered this unveiling,
where did the energy come from to
provide enough momentum to push
forward the mass of burden and weight
I was carrying, to allow breath
to return to these lungs?




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