Poem – Goddess of Light

This poem is one of 12 or so from a series I wrote about and based in Egypt.  I will post a few of these over time, and I hope to complete the series at some point in this lifetime.

Goddess of Light

Pearl white columns, stories tall
Marble pathway at my feet

Slight breeze, my Egyptian robe
Weaves as I walk, sandals silent, moving with grace

Lush green foliage lines one side
Temple on the other
The sun God raises high, a shadow cast over the temple, onto the path

A figure moves swiftly amongst the columns
Coming to rest near the river’s edge
Shrouded in silk hair, hidden in a raven’s nest
You are holding a blood-red apple

The river flows gently as our lips come together
We silently speak of Ra and the coming of Ramesses



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