What Exists Between each Breath

Spending the day home from work with a massive headache, most of it was spent sleeping. Now that it has passed and I feel more normal (a very loose definition), I sit in silence, thinking about the time that has passed and where we go from here. In the midst of obligations, timelines, deadlines, stress, things we forgot to do, things we said screw it, they can wait for another day, we miss something.

We miss the space between each breath. In that moment, a portal elsewhere, there is absolute silence and peace. Our body pauses, and resets itself, waiting for the next breath. And then repeats the process. With the this the body has a chance to heal and rebuilds itself.

As the wear and tear of each day builds upon the previous, we need to give our mind the same break our body gets. Taking a pause and unloading the burdens, if only for a few minutes or a couple hours for a nap, is important and healthy.

What else exists that we cannot see? What else fills this space besides the silence? I ponder this while observing the dog staring at an empty chair with her steely blue eyes, very intense, and in her own way, very still. I wonder what does she see, that my physical eyes cannot. I wonder if she sees the space that exists outside of the physical reality, and has a glimpse of the energy that is ever present. Is something or someone sitting in that chair?

She does not bark, and would appear to not be threatened. Are we being visited? Assuming that the chair is not empty, I feel safe and even though I do not see it, confident that my mind does, in spite of the burdens I allow to get in the way.






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