Today’s Music and Art

For last couple of weeks, I have been mostly listening to Mystical Sun. At first, I was lost in the soundscape and very in tune to each note and beat. Over time, the music has incorporated itself into the background, and become a part of me. I’m still trying to find the words to explain this for myself, but I almost feel it is in my subconsciousness, and is influencing thoughts, dreams and my creativity. I wish I could draw more than stick figures and paint, but if I could, it would look like this:

Standing in the middle of a field, it is empty at first. There is light coming from somewhere, but it is unclear. There is a sound, a hum, something in the background, but not enough to become a focal point. After some time has passed, trees begin to emerge from the ground, but they different heights, with the shortest near, and the tallest further out, and they are in a circular pattern, and they made of light.

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