I hope this blog becomes a useful resource, but of course that requires me to actually have information on here.  I am working on content the next couple of days, and will have a lot of stuff for here.

An update on the trips for this year, and my training goals.  The end of June, I will be in Washington to attempt my first mountain climb, and hope the Mt. Rainier allows me the opportunity.  In order to get there, I am embarking on a more intense strengthening and aerobic routine.  Also, I am planning two mini-trips as preparation.  I am taking a local ice climbing clinic, through Vertical Endeavors, later this month.  And in March, we will be Colorado for a few days of additional ice climbing training.  My hope is to learn more skills and become more comfortable on the type of terrain with the correct tools and gear.

  1. January 2013 – Ice climbing training through Vertical Endeavors
  2. March 2013 – More intense training in Ouray, CO, through San Juan Mountain Guides
  3. July 2013 – Attempt Mr. Rainier, near Ashford, WA, through RMI

In between there, I will be snowshoeing, lifting weights, and completing 4 hours on the treadmill each week.  At 38, I realize a couple limitations, but refuse to listen to any more than that.  I have always had big goals and dreams, but seem to find excuses for not pursuing them.  Not this time.  The mountains are calling me, and I see larger mountains after this, on the horizon, that silently beckon to my inner being.

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