Most of the required gear has been taken care of for Mt. Rainier, except for two jackets that are on the recommended list. One of them is a windproof/waterproof parka, with down insulation. In trying to justify the cost, and what would seem to be limited use on the mountain, though the weather is unpredictable and can be nasty, I’m psyching myself out for the next climb.

One other item is food for the climb itself. Whittaker Mountaineering offers meal packages, which are too convenient to pass up. The 5-day package has been ordered.

Still working up on endurance, but have settled int a routine of 4 to 5 hours per week on a treadmill strength training will be thrown into the mix soon. As a test and to build more endurance, I’m planning on Feb to be huge. The goal is 45 to 60 minutes per day, for the entire month. That should give me a good idea of where I am at training wise, and leads up to the Ouray Colorado trip in early March.

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