Going Old School

The book signing today was at a Barnes and Noble. The very first thing we noticed when walking into the doors was the smell. Not a bad smell at all, but something we have lost in the digital and ebook age. The smell of books. The smell of paper and ink. There is something special and unique about a new book and the first time opening the cover, turning each page, a bit rigid at first, and the feeling on the fingertips. It is an experience, and a lost art.

While walking down the rows and rows of books, we decided to take a more aggressive marketing campaign for Stone Path Review. We went old school and left cards inside of poetry books and lined the shelves with the logo and name, looking for more submissions. Since we are not very sneaky, it would be relatively easy for Barnes and Noble to catch us since my cell phone number is on the cards.

All in all a great day to meet a new friend, remember the smell and feel of books, and take our efforts more grassroots and old school.


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  1. I miss going to the library and checking out a book and sitting there reading and being so quite, might start doing that again!

    • Now that you said that, I remember the Columbia Heights library. Browsing the stacks of books. Looking for one for a school project. Sitting in one of the chairs or going into the reading room near the desk where check them out. I had forgotten about that! It is an experience that kids are missing out on these days. I suppose reading in general.

    • Fingers are crossed! So far no call from Barnes and Noble. I have tried reading books on an iPad, and hands-down, it is more enjoyable and easier to get lost in a real book while holding it.

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