Poem – For Patricia

Senzing Zen_01I see a stone path through the graying clouds
this near November day.

I remember the day smothered
by black clouds torn from the sky.

I watched you dance in the cold
rain pooling with no care of those watching.

Swirling faster as the rain fell
harder until collapsing in a heap.

Perfect silence as I walk to you
offer a hand to pull you closer.

Standing together, rain washes over our
faces whispering words only we know.

That day walking through the burning forest
I followed the path you created.

Sharing the same plane and experience
from your point of view.

At times, I do not understand or see
what you see, what drives your passion.

But I know you are alive, a being
with awareness of what is out here.

And for that and because of that
I love you.

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