Today’s Music

Senzing Zen_01To wash away the stress that is life, I have given myself to Richard Skelton and Olafur Arnalds. Wading into the pool of ambient, classical, and slightly electronic, my mind is able to step back, regroup, and dive back in.

This weekend is filled with poetry readings and other literary events around the Twin Cities area.  We will be attending the following.

I will post reviews and other thoughts after the events.

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    • Awesome to hear from you! How things in your part of the world? I love the climb you are doing to raise donations. Wish I could be our there to participate. The event with the pairing of paintings and poetry was excellent. It was at an intimate art center in an older building near a river. It was raining outside, and inside were stunning paintings of nature scenes that stand above the canvas and the light draws all of you, not just the eyes, into them.

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