Today’s Music and Jackson Pollock

Today, a beautiful sunny day, is brought to you by “State of Trance”, mixed by Alexander Popov.

Something recently compelled me to return to Jackson Pollock. I have seen the movie released in 2000, directed and starred in by Ed Harris many times, but had not read the biography the movie is based on. I have spent most of this week diving head-first into his childhood, family, “social” circle, and other events laying the foundation of the person and his art.

Of course there is controversy surrounding his drinking, verbal abuse, and the night he killed himself and one passenger in his car, Edith Metzger. I do not brush aside the person, the anger, the abuse, but look beyond this to his dedication to his passion, the animalistic need to put onto canvas the images, the lines, and the colors being stirred within by the demons.

I have written two poems about the energy within him, and the resulting images, that will be posted here shortly. I am also working on a new poem, inspired by a more detailed watching of the film, and the American west landscape that inspired his early artwork.

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