New Music and Update

It is the middle of July already, and I’ve only had 2 posts this month.  Work has been busy, which I suppose is nothing new.  But more importantly, we are almost  done with the summer issue of Stone Path Review.  The issue will be live on the website tomorrow evening with a downloadable digital version available later in the week. This issue is half visual arts and half poetry.  Our featured artist is photographer Ben Coffman who kindly supplied a cover photo and was interviewed for this issue.

New music the past week includes a couple of soundtracks that one of my favorite Icelandic musicians recently completed.

  1. Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek – Blank Grey Canvas Sky
  2. Johann Johannsson – The Miners’ Hymns – Soundtrack for the Documentary
  3. Johann Johannsson – Copenhagen Dreams – Music from the Film
  4. Skylar Grey – Don’t Look Down
  5. Hardwell Presents Revealed, Vol. 3

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