New music from the past couple of weeks includes additional albums from new favorites and some different stuff.

Latest release for master DJ Kaskade who is also in the band Late Night Alumni.  Catchy electronic and dance music that features Kaskade singing on the title track “Atmosphere”.

I have not listened to NIN much since “The Downward Spiral”, but like the music enough to give this one a spin.  I find this to be almost soothing and more low-key.

  • deadmau5 – Random Album Title (2008)

Awesome.  Electronic.  Music.

  • deadmau5 – For Lack of a Better Name (2009)

Awesome.  Electronic.  Music.

Conifer is heavy metal with no vocals and a soundscape from valleys to the top of mountains.

  • Music from Sons of Anarchy Seasons 1 – 4 – Songs of Anarchy (2011)

I have not had a chance to listen to this yet.

  • POLICAGive You the Ghost (2011)

A great Minneapolis-based band that is hard to peg in terms of a genre so the generic alternative is used.  One of the best, and least-known bands out there.  Seriously, gives them a listen.

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