Alaska 2013 – Thoughts and Random Photos

Day 1 in Anchorage, AK.

It has been 6-years since I have been here, in Anchorage. Has anything changed? Here, me? Previously I had specific goals and decisions to make during my time. Reflecting back on that time, the space I was within was turbulent, fuzzy, chaotic, twisting and turning in some kind of vortex.  That person, following paths of someone else’s paving – but there was a distant glimmer, streaks of light across the evening sky that I caught glimpses of, and held onto as best I could.

In the deepest valleys, when I could not see the light I conjured up these images and steadfastly held to them, held their energy, warmth, and hope.

And now I am here again.  In a different place, a different person in many ways, but my roots have grown further into this land.  In return, she has infused me with raw and primal energy and a connection to the land, sea, mountains, and trees.


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