Book Teaser – Beyond the Border Kingdom

The poem below is a teaser from my first collection that will be published in a couple of months.  I am finishing up the selection list and completing the final edits.  It will be titled “Beyond the Border Kingdom” and is an attempt to look beyond the daily struggle, the lack of answers, too many questions, and find where we came from.


on lake superior shores
miles from artificial illumination

red and white lights float
we watch the show for hours

entertaining ourselves with
theories and conspiracies –

what would you do
if they landed here

– until we can no longer differentiate
one light or object from another

constellations become one mass
we have forgotten the names of.

under black hole poked sky we
stumble back to cabin #7 on the hill.


    1. Thank you, I will need it. The book will be about 35 to 40 pages, so just a chapbook. The central poem is 19 pages, divided into about 30 chapters. This set of stanzas is from that piece.

        1. Thank you much, I appreciate the support and encouragement. I’ve been debating with myself if I would keep sending stuff out, putting the effort there, or finally take the leap and publish myself. Either way, it is quite the arduous process, but fun for the time being!

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