Poem – The Sky is Burning

The black sky
of antiquity
replaced by
what we do not know
what we fear.

In the depths of thought
do we remember the ancient
rituals and sacrifice at the
base of each tree, at the shoreline,
at our fingertips?

The burning sky approaches
from the south, consuming
what we do not know
what we fear.

How much time remains
is relative.

The burning sky
releases no smoke and
is silent as it paints
the tree tops and horizon.

With eyes closed I leave
here, transported away,
I see the beginning when
the fire began.

A speck in the middle
of the empty field just
after cultivation and through
neglect it gained life.

It is coming

It is coming

Posted by williamricci

I am a student of zen and nature, and work to balance people, technology, and the environment.

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4 Replies to “Poem – The Sky is Burning”

  1. i agree with sam….. although i believe most know thier fears, they jest are too “afraid” to admit it!.so true.. Q


    1. Yes, it is all too easy to not admit what we fear, bottling it up inside, until it tears us apart. Let it out, confront the fear, conquer and move forward in this life.


  2. Indications of fearful times are all around us and nature has its own way of conveying the upcoming dangers. Wonderfully expressed. Take care and God bless.


    1. Thank you for the kind words. Everything we need and need to know is right there in front of us, if we just stop and listen.


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