Poem – White Wolf

The white wolf
Shadows the treeline
Morphing into recent snowfall.

Within the empty fields
It disappears into nothing
And I fully awake in the middle
Of this field shaken, cold, and naked.

Its breath warm across my face
its footprints circling my body.

Photo from http://stormwolf.webs.com/thestormwolves.htm

Photo from http://stormwolf.webs.com/thestormwolves.htm

2 thoughts on “Poem – White Wolf

  1. “Within the empty fields
    It disappears into nothing”
    This nothingness is everything. Forces of nature are massive and the silence of its surroundings is not without sound and music. Humans are insignificant amidst these forces. I love this poem and the imagery you have painted with words. Take care and God bless.

    • Exactly, in Nothing there is everything. Such a simple yet complex concept, that is becoming more and more a part of my writing. The past few weeks, I have had many dreams and daydreams about wolves, especially a white wolf. I am trying to find the meaning for myself through these words.

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