Poem – The Sea and the Empty Field

Empty Field
Empty Field

I awake to a sun
touching each empty element
and empty seed, vessels
like stem cells
will sprout into anything.

I think of a willow tree
providing shade and shelter
and one emerges.

I sit beneath the spindly limbs
and I remember two ships anchored
at sea, braced against the November Gales
their bellies empty.

Eight and twelve foot waves
crash on steel, we fall
asleep to fog horns and distant
cold yellow pulsating lights.

I am thirsty for knowledge
the quest for intangible objects
the desire for an understanding of
the world I walk within.

I travel inward, through light
through dark, through nothing.

I awake back in the field empty
when my mind is blank pushing inward.

and I know it is empty when I have no thought
and I notice my hands are bound.

Holding an object heavy and dense
not smooth or glassy like fractures.

I am beneath the willow tree
holding my mind or some
physical projection of its
purpose in my skull.

and I have become free of thought
free of negativity, free of me and
the me attracting unnecessary energy,
driven by inherent intent.

and I walk away from the tree
toward the sunless horizon
step out from under the next levels
shadow and emerge on the other side.

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