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Metaphysics as a way of thinking suffers from confusion with superstition.

As I have noted before, superstition encompasses more than the narrow notion thrown around by the “educated” where a person has irrational beliefs about a relationship between an imagined cause and a perceived effect.

A major issue in terms of the misuse of the metaphysical is that folks-at-large will take whatever paucity of information they have and combine this with whatever bit of speculation that will allow them to comprise make-do convictions.

This is not thinking as metaphysics. Rather,

Partial information + certain conviction = superstitious answer.

The metaphysical by definition goes beyond the empirical. We can think of it as taking what we can demonstrate about nature up to this point and then going down a logical channel of thought from now/here. This can take us to a before or an origin (ARCHE) or to an after…

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    • You are very welcome. I’m still trying to digest everything within this. The videos are an excellent representation.

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