Jackson Pollock 51

I have written quite a bit about Jackson Pollock here. I had not heard of him or his art until I saw the film starring Ed Harris, and now it has turned into an educational quest.

In the film, there is an extended scene where Pollock is being filmed for a documentary. The links below are for a 10-minute video of the actual filming.


Jackson Pollock 51 – The Short Film

Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock

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  1. I think Jackson Pollock was using enamel paints. I don’t think acrylics were in use then. I have a painting done by a friend who used enamel paints and she just dripped them out of the small cans. We were both at the Villa Schifanoia for our post graduate degrees. As an artist I like to explain with media. (I noticed Jackson did that as he was absorbed in his technique). As an educator I have to make known as best I can what I feel about the finished  work. What a wonderful archival film.

    • Thank you much for your comments, Kristin. I am no artist and only appreciate from a distance, and like to dig into the mind and psyche, the engine behind the work, more than the work itself. Love him or hate him, Jackson Pollock is an interesting case study.

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