Poem – As Years Pass

A quiet moment as the sun sets.
Fields emerging from thinning snow.

What is distant is near –
train horn and coyotes
cause us to look over
tree tops into the horizon.

Logically I know the concept of
time, a forward motion from here
to there, from present to future –
a progression – time is irrelevant
in the grand design, when forward
is backward and direction, speed,
destination become limitless.

Emotionally I feel the years
as 40 descends like pine singing
in the summer afternoon – gentle
and soft, powerful with memories
of other worlds.

The stone path I have walked
diligently on one level, eyes closed
on another, and haphazard on some,
provided the experiential growth
I needed to rise above the languishing
being I had become, and become what
I am supposed to be and be what
I am not supposed to be – the balance
of water and earth.

I face the rising sun across
the ice and forget my name,
what others say I should be,
the labels we receive – and
listen to the wind and the
trees voice – not words,
but vibrations, and energy that
give way images and then nothing
as it moves around and through me
the sharp light becomes murky and
fuzzy before sharpening and expanding
and that which I though I saw

Replaced with what it truly is
I swim within the dharma
and know time and age do not
matter – I have found the
stone path home and now I walk
everywhere and nowhere.

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