Essay – Paths and Questions

How do we know if the path we are following is meant for us, and is not someone else playing tricks on our consciousness? Can our awareness be tricked, and an outside system is leading us elsewhere? How is awareness bred to be on our own best interest, and work for us, and not be allowed to work against us?

Perhaps awareness is the first layer that takes in the environment, filters what is happening, and hands off the information to your instincts. Instincts are ingrained in the mind and follow moral and ethical rules of right versus wrong. And herein differentiates the users of good versus bad.

What is to believe within science? Is science just another belief system handed down from other purported experts? Is there still only one truth? What happens when/if we discover the God Particle, and the unified/single theory of everything? Is our search over, and there still mysteries out there to pursue? What if we become bored?

What are the rules of existence? What governs them? Is it purely based on atoms, the sub-atomic, and by extension, quantum mechanics?

Assuming land masses were connected at some point, and then diverged, what process started it, or put another way, what did they become aware of?

What is reality? Is one reality different from another event with the same exact variables? Are there two systems in play – the observer and the observed, and they operate independently of one another? The mere fact that you are observing, influences the experience. How much and to what degree cannot be predicted, but is within a probability?

By being there in that space, you bring with you energy and mass, that will then push the space in all directions. This field exerts force upon what is being observed, at the atomic level, and changes what is being observed. By the time you observe something it has already changed.

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