Why do We Fight?

Clouds part and the setting sun burns the last rays into my eyes before disappearing behind the trees.  Such balance as each of these systems, including my just sitting here, has a role.

Finally the path I am on makes sense.  Pieces from everywhere scattered to the wind are falling into place, and for the first time in this life, I feel at peace, and have reached a balance.  The eternal struggle between what is within and what is without in a holding pattern, and I am in control of my actions and my presence here, in this space.

Now, what can I do?

Everything has roots.  Roots consist of physical reaches into the depths of soil and earth, or emotional connections to places we grew up, or that provided experience and a foundation for the people we are now.  Everything, no matter their size, belief, state of being, needs stability and a grounding.  There is so much more we have in common with everything else beyond basic needs.  We all consist of the same elements, the sub-atomic particles coalescing into lifeforms and beings.  We all struggle to get from day to day.  We all see birth and death.

So why do we fight apart, and not together, when we have more in common then differences?

Sky Into the Sea
Sky Into the Sea

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