Poem – What I Create

When the silence falls,
Like a rock over the cliff
They come back to me
Thoughts I cannot control
Thoughts I cannot stop.

I fear silence
The absence of being
Exemplified by nothingness
Leaving me alone with my thoughts,
Nothing there to block
Nothing there to stop
They run wild
Filling my mind with worlds not yet seen
Or my past.

I fear the sound of deafness
The enclosed world
Surrounding your mind
Cradling your thoughts
Pulling strings

I spend time alone
Clear my thoughts, put them away
To rest
A soft sigh emerges from my lips
A silent sigh escapes my mind
And then they arrive.

A rolling tundra, not yet mapped
The wind blows fiercely from the West
I hear vividly the howling
I look around, no one else hears, what I hear.

Stumbling along an etched path
Littered to either side by carnage
One last grasp before the end
One last step before Heaven.

I pause
I inhale
I exhale
The sweet smell of apple pie
Not just any, mom’s apple pie.

My head spinning, wind from the West,
Signaling my way home
I run with one thought
Feet into miles, miles into a marathon.

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