Article – Why are Christians Turning to Buddhism?

A well-writen article discussing Christianity and Buddhism. A question at the core of my belief is why is there so much bickering and hate in the world, and the view that “my way is better than your way”? Why are views so rigid and thrown in the face of others? Why is it so difficult to see that all of these views and spiritual paths are very similar in the end, with slightly different teachings and guideposts to get there? We may never know for certain, and even if there was some proof there will always be naysayers and conspiracists, but all of these beliefs are likely to me the same being, the same source of energy that give birth to everything.

Religion and spirituality should be what works for you, with a strong moral code, and an awareness of how we affect other humans, animals, and the earth – our sphere of influence.

While I personally am moving toward a Zen Buddhism way of thinking and living, I will never be 100% immersed in that.  I do not want to limit my view of the world, and do not want to be closed to others beliefs.

What can it not be simple?

Raven in the Blue Sky
Raven in the Blue Sky

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  1. I don’t have a religion, and that’s largely to do with the fact that I find it to be so confining. To be fair, though, the confinement aspect of it all has more to do with the way people push beliefs and question anyone who questions (I’m speaking about religion in the South, by the way, which seems to be a whole different deal than in other parts of the country). I imagine the pull of Buddhism is likely to do with the open feel the mindset offers. I’ve always wanted to learn more about it, myself. I much prefer the idea of awareness instead of sticking to a strict ideal.

    Great article; thanks for sharing.

    • Exactly. Thank you for your comment. It really is what works for you, within a moral framework. We are all in this together, and does not matter how you live and get through each day, as long as there is respect for everything.

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